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Regarding fan fiction: All my prior stories can be located on fanfiction. If you look in the "Links" section, I have posted a link to my profile on These stories were written for the Supernatural, Torchwood, and Doctor Who fandoms. I am in the process of placing them all here as well.

***DISCLAIMER for all fanfiction written/video projects: All stories are my ideas, unless otherwise stated. There is absolutely no profit made from any of the fanfiction stories. All television shows are property of their respective network and creators. Anything you recognize from canon is considered property of that show. All characters, situations, locations, etc. I created are original. Any music used in the fanvids belongs to the respective writers, record company which holds the catalog, and producers of piece used.

My fandoms:
*Doctor Who (new)
*Stargate SG-1
*Stargate Atlantis
*Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
*Iron Man (Movie Verse)
*Miami Vice
*The Walking Dead
*Street Justice (1990 TV)

(You may be thinking to yourself,"Hmm...I've never seen a fic or vid posted for that fandom." That is possibly true; however, my WIP folder is incredibly thick and dates back to over six years. Every aforementioned fandom is one for which I have at least one WIP.)

I am a writer at heart. When I need to express myself, I grab a pen and paper or my computer and set to it. This is a place for me to share anything that comes from my mind. It may be a story. It may be just random thoughts. I don't know what is going to appear until it is completed.

Anyway, I am a thirty-something year old female, although everyone thinks I am in my twenties when they see me. Do I get it? Nope. I don't dwell on it either. Why sweat the little things? I have been through much in life and do not regret any of it. My life has been interesting and the journey was never boring. Inspiration comes from experience.

I am laid-back, down-to-earth, and open-minded. That does not mean I am a pushover, because I can be headstrong when I need to be. (Go listen to that song and it will tell you the deal.)

My biggest pet peeve is IGNORANCE. Don't bring it to my house! I come from an environment of mixed cultures and lifestyles. (Bayou baby!) If you are known for some type of elitist, oppressive, or repugnant views, this is not where you want to hang out. I am NOT a homophobe, ageist, racist, xenophobe, etc. If I dislike you, there is only one reason and it is because you are ignorant. Since there are many types of ignorance, my communication of detecting the ignorance within you may come in different forms. As those forms are quite clear, no one will be able to mistake them for something else. The world is divided into two groups imho, assholes and the rest of us.

I welcome frank discussion and debate, as these are imperative to education and progress. My open mind and lack of fear when entering the unknown has gifted me with amazing adventures and opportunities. Wank and immature or deplorable behavior will not be tolerated. Flaming will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is not flaming or trollish behavior, and is always allowed.

I will kick a shit starter, and I am incredibly adept at spotting those, out so fast, when my foot lands firmly on your behind, your pants will catch fire. Whether the insults or blatantly rude behavior is directed toward myself or someone else, if it's done in my journal, I will shine my boot on your ass.

If reading that scares you away, c'est la vie.

If you made it through and have not run away, WELCOME! Feel free to speak your mind.

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